Coding Task 06.04 Making Waves (Extension)

In this extension task, you will make changes to an animation of waves moving across the screen. Start off by running the code and watching the animation! Once you’ve done that, read the instructions below.

Your Task

In the editor below, look through the existing code and see if you can make the changes listed in the requirements section below. Don’t worry if you break the code! Just click the Reset button to start again.

Python Reference Sheet

Remember to use the Python reference sheet to help you with your code! Click on one of the buttons below:


  • The program should run without any errors.
  • Change the symbol used to draw the waves (😀 by default) to something else.
  • Reverse the direction of the waves, making them move from right to left.
  • Make the waves move faster or slower.
  • Make the wave smaller (i.e. flatter).


Below is an example of how the program should run:

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