Coding Task: 06.01 Easiest Game in the World

Video games can be hard. But not this one!

Your Task

In the editor below, fill in the blanks (________) so that the program asks the user to type w to win, and if they do, print back You win! and loop according to the flowchart below:

Python Reference Sheet

Remember to use the Python reference sheet to help you with your code! Click on one of the buttons below:


  • The program should run without any errors.
  • The program should ask the user to enter w in order to win the game and then display the text You win! onto the screen if they do. If the user types anything else, then the program should print Game over! and stop.
  • Hint: You’ll have to use label and goto to create the loop. You can name your label whatever you want, but make sure your goto statement is exactly the same!


Below is an example of how the program should run:

Type 'w' to win: w
You win!
Type 'w' to win: w
You win!
Type 'w' to win: w
You win!
Type 'w' to win: f
Game over!
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