Coding Task: 03.02 No Signal

A long, long time ago, when there was a problem with our television receiving TV programs, we got a weird image with coloured bars on the screen telling us we had NO SIGNAL!

Your Task

In the editor below, complete the code so that the program displays NO SIGNAL! on the screen along with the coloured bars. See the example section below for what it should look like!


  • The program should run without any errors.
  • The program should display the text NO SIGNAL! onto the screen in between highlighted columns. Each column should have a different Highlight. Note that NO SIGNAL! is also in bold.
  • Hint: In order to create a column, you can print an empty space or two " " and apply a Highlight to “colour in” the blank space! To change the length of a column, you’ll need more print() commands. Don’t forget to include all the Highlights in the right order!


Below is an example of how the program should run:

Python Reference Sheet

Remember to use the Python reference sheet to help you with your code! Click on one of the buttons below:

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