Activity 02.04: I Can Hear You!

Goal: Press the A button to have your micro:bit listen(), then press button B to have it say() what you said.

Success Criteria:

  • The micro:bit runs the program with no errors
  • You press the A button, and the micro:bit listens to you
  • You press the B button, and the program repeats what you said


  • listen(5) will make the program listen to you for 5 seconds
  • You can change the number inside the brackets to whatever you like, but 5 seconds is a good amount of time
  • Remember to include from speech import * at the start of your code that uses listen() or say()


  • Find a quiet place to test the listen function
  • Look at the ‘Instruction’ section
  • Use the documentation
  • Fill in the blanks below


  • Make the program loop so that you do not need to rerun it to have it say something else
  • Try to get the program to listen to another computer saying something
  • Write say("hello", 8), what do you notice? What happens when you change the number? How high can you make the number?
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