Coding Task: 06.02 Secret Code Word

You’re a secret agent about to identify yourself to another agent. You must use the word “unicorn” in a sentence to let them know who you are.

Your Task

Fill in the ________ (blanks) to complete the program below:

Python Reference Sheet

Remember to use the Python reference sheet to help you with your code! Click on one of the buttons below:


  • The program should run without any errors.
  • The program should ask the user to enter a message. If they include the code word “unicorn” then the secret agent they’re talking to recognises them and welcomes them as a fellow secret agent.


Below is an example of how the program should run:

Talk to me, friend: Hey
Talk to me, friend: How are you today?
Talk to me, friend: Nice weather we're having.
Talk to me, friend: I saw a unicorn the other day.
Welcome, secret agent Double-O-Nothing!
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