CS in Schools is a philanthropic initiative at RMIT University that’s focused on helping high school teachers develop their confidence and competence in teaching coding.

Today, most schools struggle to teach coding: there’s a shortage of teachers who feel qualified to teach computer science, and most successful coding classes are run outside of school hours. We believe that today’s teachers can effectively teach coding if they’re supported through in-class professional development.

We put volunteer computing professionals in the classroom alongside school teachers to help school teachers teach coding. CS in Schools provides everything that’s needed: the volunteer, the lessons, assignments, and software. Our work with the school teacher is successful when the teacher doesn’t need us anymore, that is, they feel confident and competent at teaching students to code.

Our flagship programme is a Year 7, ten week coding subject. In 2020, we aim to work with 100 teachers across Australia to help them teach this subject to their students. We will also be piloting a new Year 8 subject with a few teachers who are returning to the programme.

CS in Schools is supported by generous donations. CS in Schools is part of RMIT University, and RMIT University is a Deductible Gift Recipient. If you’re considering donating to support our work, please contact us.

To learn more, read our longer programme page or read about what’s been happening over the past month.