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Why do you teach GOTO and not WHILE or FOR loops?

Please watch this six minute video to learn why we use GOTO as a scaffolding device in our introductory coding course.

Running Classes Online

What video conferencing software should I use?

There are many different video conferencing options available. The most popular are ZoomGoogle Meet and Microsoft Teams. Each of these solutions has their own features, limitations, pros and cons and support documentation.

In general, you should use whatever software is provided or recommended by your organisation. If your organisation does not provide software and has no preference on what is used, you should choose the software that you are most comfortable using, that has the features you want, and that is available to you.

Can I run the CS in Schools programme online?

Yes! Our programmes can be run entirely online. All of our materials are available online at with convenient short URLs that you can share with your students, or publish on your LMS. When running the class online, we recommend the following tips and tricks:

  • If your software of choice has different roles and user permissions, give your volunteer co-host capabilities so that they can help you manage the call.
  • Present lesson slides and other materials using screen-share. In some software, you can also share audio from your computer to play videos with sound.
  • Have students share their screen with you if they need help with their code. Be specific in your directions: use line numbers and unambiguous language when directing them around their screen e.g. “At the top of your screen …” or “On line 34 …” etc.

Accessing Materials

What is a ZIP file and how do I open one?

A ZIP file is a type of compressed folder. File compression makes files and folders smaller by finding patterns in the way the files are stored, and removing those patterns. On most modern operating systems, ZIPs are easily accessible by simply double-clicking them as you would any other file or folder.

On Windows, double-clicking a ZIP will generally open a new window as if you had opened a folder. You can extract the files by clicking Extract All in the Windows Explorer menu, or by dragging the files somewhere outside of the ZIP, such as your desktop.

On MacOS, double-clicking a ZIP file will generally extract the files automatically into a folder in the same location as the ZIP. The files are then usable from this new folder right away.

Activities on Replit

I’m getting a ModuleNotFoundError on Replit, what do I do?

When an activity requires you to import the csinsc module (or any other module), you may get a ModuleNotFoundError in the output. If this happens, follow along with this video to confirm that the module is correctly installed.

Can I create my own activity on Replit?

Yes! To create an activity on, simply create a new Python Repl. Create a file called and write your instructions in it. You can use Markdown notation to format the file with headings, dot points, images and more. Provide any startup code in the code editor and share the URL with your students.

Accounts & Setup

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your Replit or Slack password, you can reset it using one of the links below.

You will then receive an email containing instructions on how to reset your password. Take care to update your password manager if you are using one.

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