Coding Task: 06.04 Your New Tablet

In this activity, we will be simulating a tablet shopping experience. Through the use of menus and sub-menus, the user will be able to select the colour of their tablet and the memory capacity. They’ll be able to get a price quote when they leave.


Below is an interactive example of how the completed task should run:


Refer to the screenshots and details below for how the menu, sub-menus look as well as prices and image locations.

  • The image locations for the different coloured tablets are:
    • White tablet: “samples/images/tablet_white.png”
    • Gold tablet: “samples/images/tablet_gold.png”

Tablet Design Menu, Colour Sub-Menu and Colour Choices

Invalid Colour Choices

Invalid Tablet Design Choices

Memory Size Sub-Menu and Memory Size Choices

Invalid Memory Size Choices

Prices and Sounds

  • The prices for the tablets are below (colour does not affect the price):
    • 256GB memory: $700
    • 512GB memory: $1000

🎵 When the user selects [3] the program should play a ‘cash register’ sound before displaying the price. You may use the sound ID: 47962 🎵

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