01.06 Coding Task: Pytris!

Pytris is our Python version of Tetris, the popular puzzle game from the 1980s which came pre-installed with the Nintendo Gameboy contributing to its huge worldwide sales.

There is an Apple TV movie which covers the drama and conflict behind obtaining the license to sell the Gameboy with Tetris:


Take a look at the code (it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand most of it!) and have a go at doing the following tasks by changing some of the code:

  • Change the title of the game on the introduction screen from “Pytris” to “Tetris”
  • Change the colour of the long “I” block from yellow to green.
  • The player normally gets 10 points for each line cleared. Change this to 20 points.
  • When the player clears 4 lines at once (by dropping the strategically positioning the “I” block) the player scores 100 points. Change this to 200 points.
  • (For Advanced coders!) – Add this new block:
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